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Hmmm Fathers!

Fathers day is celebrated this Sunday June 17th 2018. This is the day we celebrate men and fathers, really fathers. Men who are natural fathers and spiritual fathers. Today the lines are blurred between male and female. You have men who have never been fathered trying to be fathers! Some are distant to their children, and some don't even know them. If fatherhood was never modeled for them, then they are left to their own choices, of which abortion is one of the choices available.

Well, I fall on both sides fatherhood. When I was in my early adult years, probably 20 or 21, my child's mother informed me that she was pregnant! my first reaction was "shock, fear, and stunned" I really didn't know what to do! I chose not to get any advice. I was not a believer and on the left, siding with issues like abortion, I didn't know what morals really were and if they were really important to life. I didn't believe that God was real, so at that time I was "the god" of my life. However I had been raised with a family that went to church. After several days I had made a decision and went to tell my child's mother and she abruptly told me that the "situation had been taken care of" the child was aborted. Well I had the same emotions when she told me that she was pregnant, now add anger because nothing can be done now!

Now seventeen years later, I was faced with a life or death situation when God sends me my first spiritual son! By this time I have come to know my "Heavenly Father" who is good, loving, full of grace and truth and merciful. This young man was in his mid twenties and he saw something different in me. He had decided that he wanted to be mentored by me. So I immediately adopted him as my spiritual son! I walked with him through many ups and downs. there are three things he taught me; 1. to be #real, #honest and #upfront. 2. to give him #truth, and use my life as an example. 3. to live and be #transparent before him, which I did! Let me leave you with this dads, #justbereal not perfect but real and authentic, my dad did! Since that time there are many sons and daughters!

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