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Authentic Manhood

What does it look like

what does it look like

I've have been on a journey, this journey has had me thinking about manhood. I wonder if the men coming behind me really know what it looks like? I know that I didn't! We are living in a world where we really don't know an "authentic man" if we saw one. these men have grown up in a world where there is no absolute truth! When you have the choice to choose whether today you want to be a man, and tomorrow a women that is just crazy! Manhood is mentored to younger men, but where are the mentors?? I'm in my mid-fifties...Okay I said it!! When I look at the world today we are blurring the gender lines so much that men who want to be "authentic men" everyday, don't have many places to look for mentors. You would think that churches would be the place for mentorship. Sadly most of them just want a monthly event, with no real interaction. Mentorship is like this stool it takes three things. Vulnerability- it takes men willing to be vulnerable and open to share their victories and mistakes. Transparency- transparent for these younger men to see that you are willing to allow them a front row seat in your life. Truth- giving men the truth of the Word of God. I have been mentoring a group of men now for 20 years. these men are still a very important part of my life and vice versa. They get truth from me everyday, just about. They have permission to be vulnerable with me, and transparent and willing to allow truth to transform them and me. I give them permission to "mentor", and pray for me. mentorship is a two way street, mentorship is walking together with the mentor walking a few paces ahead. i have seen incredible growth in all of these men! I so proud to be a part of their lives and for some their families and spouses. So in a world where manhood and mentors are rare commodity, a clarion call is going out to those men who are looking for mentors. Men 50 plus WAKE UP and realize that the younger men are looking for us. More to come in the form of a podcast, meetings, and a book called "Authentic Manhood" what does it look like. all of this coming from Restoration Ministries if your are a pastor and this resonates with you consider bringing an experienced coach and mentor.

Think about what our world will look like in ten to twenty years!

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