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Fathers day blessing

I just wanted to say to all of the men who are Fathers to their children "Happy fathers day". Fathers are men who are actively involved with their children with love, acceptance, encouragement, forgiveness, kindness and a gentile smile and an a gentle hand on their bottom when needed.

Manhood is not celebrated as much as Mother-hood... I wander why? We know how to have children but being a father is missing in most homes. Maybe we have missed a very important part of passing the baton of fatherhood. We have men who have abandoned their children, and just gave up because it was too hard. Being a Father is hard, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time.

If you fall into this category, it's not to late to reconnect with your children and become the Father God intended.

Me and my brother Eric

My father (William) reconnected with his sons and daughter after divorce happened in his life.

So no matter what challenges you faced like my dad did, you can pick up the baton and start fresh.

I have a friend who had a disconnect with his son. several years ago he chose to pick up the baton of fatherhood and re-engage with his son after several decades. it took courage, love and forgiveness to make the choice. was it hard? yes but well worth it. So Men the challenge is to be a Father to your children, not just a man who has children. That is why we call it Father day!

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