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Mother's day

This is my Mom
My sister

My family is What's on my mind; well it's Mothers day weekend and I'm thinking of my mom and sister, my grandmothers, my aunts and all of the women in my family who are mother's. The ones who are no longer on the earth and the ones who are, those who are raising children and those who have raised children who are now adults. One was my sister who has two children a boy and a girl. they are both adults now and I'm sure they are probably missing her as well. So as Christians what price do we pay when we speak like Christians when things are going good, however when the rubber meets the road we act like unsaved people? I did with my mother and acted like I was not a believer with her right up until her death. I smiled and acted like a Christian, but harbored unforgiveness towards her for all the things she did wrong to me. I never honored her for who she was and what she did right in raising me and the man I have become. I wore my faith like a coat that could be taken off whenever it was convenient. Bitterness and rage only kept me in a prison for years. Now that I'm free I can write about how I acted. Many kids in America and around the world are in that same prison, and the key to unlocking it in your life is and always will be forgiveness!

My grandmother who is in her nineties

The price was huge and I didn't get to express all of the gratitude for her life like I should have before she died. Lesson learned, I have fixed it with my dad and my brother! Now on to my niece and nephew! So what about you my friends? Are you paying a unnecessary price? If so, Forgive!

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