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Never Quit

Super Bowl 2017

Tom Brady proved to all of us Sunday February 5th 2017 that quitting wasn't an option for him. When his team was down 28-3 he chose not to quit. He faced his giant and picked up a rock with 17 points on it and threw it at it. Now I'm not saying that Tom is a believer or a follower of Jesus, only he and God know for sure. However he did use a biblical principle that we all need to apply, He didn't quit! When you are faced with an almost impossible situation like Tom and the team was, what do you do? Do what he did and don't quit! The enemy would like for us to quit, he sometimes throws situations in our path that cause us to quit. The bible tells us "with God" nothing is impossible to those who believe. I think Tom applied that principle in the biggest game of his career. We to can apply this principle in our own obstacles we face. As believers we can apply this verse to our own situations because we have "God with us", that means nothing is impossible to those who believe! Do you believe? Do you use your faith to cause the giants in your life to bow their knees? Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

At halftime Tom and the team regrouped and came out swinging at their giant! The result, a win and a ring! they scored 17 points to bring the game within one score with less than 2 minutes left in the game. They then used all of the courage they had and scored! now it's overtime! They won the toss and drove down the field and scored! What did they get, The win and the Ring! You to can get "the win in your life and the ring of God's favor and goodness towards you". All you need is to "Never Quit".

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