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A Call to Action (2016 elections)

Lets start this blog off by saying; I'm not telling you who to vote for! That place is reserved for God and Him alone. So with that said let me begin this blog with the incredible responsibility we have as Americans to vote in and out leaders. This election we will be voting for a President and some leaders of the congress and senate.

Our privilege as Americans is to vote leaders in and then lift them up to God in prayer once we cast our vote. This is something I didn't do well with our current President! Sometimes I did pray for him and his family and for him to lead the country well.

So the call to action is to pray and ask God to lead us in who we are going to cast our votes for. Both of the candidates for President have had sorted past. Both sides of the political machine are broken! The democratic side tends to lean more liberal in their platform as a whole. the Republican side tends to be more conservative but not completely. I'm a conservative person; not ultra conservative but definitely not liberal! Hillary has been in the public's eyes since 1992 as a first lady, a senator and then as secretary of state. so I would say she is a politician by definition. Mr. Trump has been in business for most of his adult life. Both of them have made decisions that they would like to take back if they could! Hillary's have been in the public scrutiny with Mr. Trumps being less private until recently with him choosing to run for office and the explosion of social media!

We will probably have some third party candidates adding their names for the Presidency. However the people voted in the primaries for both Hillary and Mr. Trump. Soon both parties will make their final decision on their candidate for the office of President. Mr. Trump was not my candidate during the primaries. So now is the time for me to decide, do I choose a third party candidate should there be one? Do I vote for Mr. Trump? let me just say my vote will only be known between me and God as I allow Him to lead me in how I should cast my vote.

Unity has been something that I have prayed for, served for and fought for. The body of Christ is and has been divided! We divide on many issues. I recently did a new kind of "Gift assessment" which includes five different areas one of them is which sphere of influence has God called you to. mine was the Kingdom Sphere. (for more information on this assessment and how to take it, email me @ or contact me through Facebook or tweet me @dmjcoach).

Christians as a whole want Christians to lead in the public arena, like the Marketplace, and Government. We have had Christian Presidents; Carter, Reagan and "W" all of them made some good decisions and some very bad ones! So being a Christian doesn't guarantee good leadership.

God alone puts Kings/leaders up into position and brings them down as well.

God alone at this writing knows who our next president will be! So it would behoove us to pray and ask Him who does he already see being sworn in! There are three branches of government, two of the three we have a say in. The Supreme court is the only one that the sitting President has the choice of putting someone in that position until they die or retire like justice Thomas is going to do. The next president will be choosing at least two justices. Which way would you like the Supreme court to go, since they hold the power to change or uphold laws, ie the affordable care act, the definition of marriage etc..

So before you sit on your vote, remember all of the consequences of doing it. Vote in men and women of character, integrity and even believers in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We really need good leaders not a Savior, because we already have one and his name is Jesus. So lets "Unite together" and pray for our country which is angry, hurt and divided! Love never fails!

Call to action- PRAY!

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