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Leaders and their emotions

Today I woke up and read seven Christian leaders who were not supporting Mr. Trump for president. Let me make this clear I'm not throwing stones at their decisions! I'm trying to make the case for leaders who lead from their emotions. Both parties are broken and we the people need a leader who will lead. We are living in a day of very few leaders and lots of followers. When leaders lead from their emotions and not their position as a leader, there is an opportunity for confusion. Look at the bible, God through Moses sent ten leaders to spy out the land, eight came back to the people and gave a report of the land from the natural. What happened was the nation had to wander through the wilderness until a generation of leaders could be raised up to believed God over the situation. Just my rant, but would you rather have a leader with a few flaws or a polished politician? Leaders need to remember that their emotions, whether positive or negative will influence the people that follow them. We as leaders will all be faced with decisions that are not popular with our own emotions or the people that we are leading. However we must lead in faith believing the good of the whole and not just our own personal comfort. Our emotions tend to change, moment to moment!

In regards to our leadership and the emotions that go with them. We need to separate how are emotion's can or could impact our leadership and the people that we are leading. A word that Mr. Trump might want to remember moving forward in the process. Passion trumps polished!

So I respect their decision to not get behind the presumptuous nominee, however I would have left my emotions out of it and given the people a good report and let them choose. The party has not even made a decision about him as their candidate. Every leader knows that with the level of leadership comes a high level of emotions and we have seen this with Mr. Trump!

So leaders lead, and carry your emotions in your backpack instead of wearing them for all to see.

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