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Coach Daryl

In august of 2015 I began a journey that I had been praying several years to happen. I was talking with a friend who was begining a life coaching career. I asked who are you getting certified with? He shared that it was Christian experts. I asked so how much was it going to cost him..I'll leave that out! He did share with me that they were offering a FREE boot camp, and that I should check it out. well what I didn't know was that Christian experts was going through it's own transformation. Tamara Lowe was taking over and the organization was going through a name change to Kingdom builders academy. I thought to myself why not, it's free what can I loose. Now 5 months later I can tell you what I gained instead! Three weeks shy in getting my coaching certification, a published book, and the begining of a "New Season". I will be opening my coaching business "Restoration Coaching" and launching out into new territory looking for tired, and worn out leaders who are looking for a safe plan to land and to unload. My practice will involve a biblical perpective and an approach to get them healed and restored. As a leader you get hit with life, but who do you turn to get a fresh perpective or just some place where you can unload? many leaders go to bars and talk with a bartender! I did! maybe you contact a counselor or someone you think you can trust. well you can but there are not many places or people youcan trust! some of you are even saying how can i trust you Daryl! Well let me share this; one i have an ethical responsibility like a counselor, because i'm an ordained minister. Second I have been in your shoes, many counselors have not. third I've been doing this as a ministry to young leaders for 15 years, this gives me credibility and confidence to allow you to unload!

So I'm in my "New" season and place with leaders, and with my involvement in this new community called Kingdom Builders Academy. With God nothing is impossible, and His grace is upon me and leading me, my right standing (Righteousness) comes as a gift from Jesus! This new season will be full of adventure, excitement and new possiblities that I never thought were possible (for me anyway)!

signing off,

Coach Daryl


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