My New season

We all go through seasons in our journey through life that take all kind of twist and turns. You could go from joy to a season of pain either with a loved one or a friend. Maybe yours is from prosperity to poverty. whatever your season brings just know that there is a begining point and an exit point. My new season began with a seed that was sown for my future as a full-time coach. this website and blog is one of the begining points. I have also inlisted the help of a coach my self. It's taking discipline and courage, on my home page there is a quote given to me by the Lord as I was coaching and mentoring a says that you are planting seeds today that will bring a harvest in your future. so let ,me ask you what kind of seed are you sowing? whatever the seed remember that it will bring a harvest. So let me encourage you to plant a seed with Restoration~Ministries, I believe that we are good soil to plant in and the harvest will come in due season.

Your Coach


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