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The reality of death

We all go through seasons of death in our journey through life. Death is something that will happen to all of us, unless we are a part of those people who will be "alive and remain" (I Thessalonians 4:17). For those who have been "born from above" (John 1:13) you died the moment you received Jesus as your salvation. For the rest of you who are currently operating under the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2) you will face death as well. So let me distinguish for you the difference. For those who have been born from above, when they leave the earth they are transitioning to their permanent home with Jesus the Christ and the Lord God Almighty. It is still painful because we miss seeing them, talking with them or just knowing that we can. However we will see them again and we know that their home. For everyone else that is operating according to the law of sin and death. Death has a sting that comes with it. It is an unpopular reality that they will face an eternity apart from their creator, an eternal hell that was not meant for them. You see on this side of death we all must make a choice, because choice is a gift from God. We must make our choice before we see death. You don't know when death will happen, or how, it just comes. God loves us so much that he sent Jesus to pay the price of sin and death for all of us humans, however we must believe it and receive by faith. There is another unpopular reality that there is "only one way home", and it's Jesus the Christ. In the last month I have known friends and family that have experienced death. So I know the pain the families and friends are experiencing. Mine was my aunt. Death is real and it comes to all of us. When you choose to be born from above, the sting of death is taken and you now look forward to going home. whenever that is and however it happens. We are living in dark times. death doesn't care if your in your forties with small children, or you lived to seventy five or eighty plus years like my aunt did. Death came! Both of these people had been born from above, so they transitioned home and we'll see them again. however for the family and friends the pain is real, and we miss them! So think about this, choose wisely. One day death will come for you.

Your Coach



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