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Coach, Mentor, Trainer

"I have been where you are" so I can understand the pressure's of a leader. When life hits, and it will, do you have a safe environment or a safe person to talk with? Life and leadership can be a bit overwhelming without a safe environment. You may be asking, what does a safe environment have to do with leadership? 










It is in a  safe environment that growth, nurturing, development and protection take place. Where can you go to get world class training, leadership development or just someone who can coach you through life's issues? At ILD we have over thirty years of experience and results with companies, individual's and the answer is a "safe Place"


So whether you facing a family or life issue, or you need training or leadership development. we can help you, We have a team of coaches with a multitude of experience in the marketplace and ministry as a trainers and coaches to assist you, in whatever you may need.


I had a point in my life where I was stuck and ready to end it all by jumping off a twenty story building, as you can see I didn't!

The God I didn't know apprehended me and transformed my life. you can  purchase the  documentary on DVD .

"In the past twenty years, I have seen God not only restore my life, and use me in the lives of countless others. We use biblical truths and some time tested tools to help leaders and companies. We have been uniquely equipped to be a safe environment for change and growth to the next level in your business, life or ministry. So contact me for a free 30 minute session, fill out the form and contact me. 

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