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Coach Daryl

Helping leaders, teams, and people through coaching, teaching, training, and mentoring in a safe environment to thrive and grow.


Chief Servant Leader

Daryl leads Restoration Ministries and Restoration Inc which is a training, teaching, and coaching, and mentoring outreach to businesses and leaders. We have a strong passion for empowering leaders to thrive and grow in a safe environment. We use a biblical approach of serving others. Daryl has 25 years in the marketplace and 15 years in ministry which enables him to reach leaders right where they are. Do you want a safe place in your life? Do you struggle with life issues? Do you have goals and dreams waiting to be fulfilled? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Daryl can help. Daryl is called to influence and enrich and restore the lives of people in a safe environment. He believes that God will use his nurturing heart to impact and empower you through his time of ministry.



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#Team McCrays

Daryl & Judy served together as biblically based coaches who operate together with their gifts to serve leaders. There are times when leaders face issues and hurdles in their personal lives, many times you just need a facilitator as an outside influence that can help you to see your way through difficult issues.

"Leaders especially need a safe environment to process in".  

 We are certified trainers and coaches in emotional healing, We have been trained in personality and communication assessments and we are ​ordained ministers.

Our hearts are for leaders is to serve and help them. As a leader you face all kinds of hurdles and difficulties that life throws at you, so allow us to serve you.



Daryl your ministry helped me when I was in a desert place. God truly was shaping my character as you came along side me to help me see what God was doing in me.  You helped me to see how God was shaping me to be a leader and a discipler of men. Your counsel set me firm in the foundation of the truth of the gospel, and what Jesus has done for me and that it was finished at the cross. You have been,  and you are a strong mentor, coach, and a man who continues to equip me in biblical principles and promises. You have helped me to gain wisdom in walking with Gods Spirit and discerning how to handle difficult situations.  You have helped me to teach and love others, and to handle life wisely.


Paul Quinn - Ranch Management


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